Friday, 23 November, 2007

Design Talk: Taking a look back

Its not been quite long that I started this blog. And I havent reached any blogging milestones either. No cool stats of comments and subscription. Yet I feel like looking back and ponder where I am. Not because I feel stuck but because I really want to know what my readers want.

Yes. My Analytics report says that I have many visitors from across the globe. Something that I didnt even thought of when starting this blog! Im really thankful to all those people from UK, Spain, France, Switzerland, US, Germany, Morocco, Canada, UAE, and Australia who visited and read this blog. And also to my fellow brethren from India, who form my major chunk of readers. There are also people from among you who have found my blog worthy to be subscribed to. Big thanks to you all again!!

Four months back on 7th July 2007 when I published my first post I have not even had the slightest idea of what Im getting into. No theme in my mind no content for the posts. It was literally a beginning from the scratch. It simply started off as an enjoyable hobby.

My first post kurkure vs. kurkure was sort of an Ad-analysis. Discussing the package design of a popular snack-food, available here in India, called kurkure’. I compared its ad-campaign against one of its rival brand bingo. It was after this post that I decided my blog to be themed on design in general. Sounds like a blogging mistake thats got to be listed in David Aireys blog.

Since I am a graphic designer, this topic I felt, could be dealt with ease. But soon I discovered how vast this topic was. Where to begin what to write was the next dilemma. I thought of things pretty dear to me and which also in some way were related to design. Thats how I decided on writing about Harry Potter one of my favorite literary characters. A bit childish thing on my part! And I must say, rather confess that I strayed from my theme and wrote a movie review on the film Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix. And I did confess about this in my successive post.

Two more Potter posts and I knew I was getting off the track. So I sat up and decided to start with the basics of design. Since then no straying off, thankfully!

After this 18th post of mine I intend to start afresh and reflect upon a variety of design related contents. But before that Let me ask YOU some questions.

  1. What is the most boring aspect of my blog?
  2. What is it that makes you to subscribe my blog?
  3. How do you rate my posts on a scale of ten?
  4. What would you like me to write about?

The answers to these questions any others if you have, I hope and Im quite sure, will help me improve the content and the presentation of this blog. Once again a big thanks to all of you who patiently read this post.

I earnestly look forward to some insightful comments from you. Please feel free to share your thoughts.

Remember, there are no word limits!!

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