Thursday, 4 October, 2007

AIDA: Advertising simplified


There are no lights and no camera yet there is plenty of action. Not on the film sets but in our very own lives. And there are people who are very eager to make you do things. This is not a plot of a movie but the story of our own lives. Right from waking in the morning to finally getting to bed all our actions are dominated by something which we are not very conscious. And guess who dominates you? The Advertisers.

Attention, Interest Desire Acition:The gist of advertising.

They decide which tooth paste I should use, which noodles I eat, which browser is safer, what should be the best shampoo for my hair etc. How many times do you really think before buying an item? You would be surprised to know that most of our purchases are done on impulse.

Take this. Your friend has a multimedia phone. You liked some features. It might be out of your budget but you desired it. Now if you are really desirous of the multimedia phone your friend has, the chances are that you might buy one shortly. And when you have the required resources you grab it with both your hands. What happened here is the result of a dormant need of yours. Your need to be ‘in-style’ and modern.

Need. That’s what the advertisers crave to exploit. And how do they do it? Simple! They design advertisements which interest you. But do you look at each and every ad that flashes in front of you. Not really! It requires a lot of brainstorming and creativity to come up a design which could be used as an attention getting device in an advertisement. Headlines which make you think visuals which are eye-popping and the company logo to help you identify and differentiate them from the crowd. And finally placing them in places where you are most likely to be paying attention. That’s how they creep into your mind with their products and services.

This is the essence of the advertising world; captured best in the acronym – AIDA. Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

And believe me there are a whole lot of people involved in making you do things!


matty said...

good one man. . .
well advertisements are really quite influential...
keep posting more

grafic7... said...

yes, 'INFLUENCE' is the apt word for it.
I remember one of my class mate, three years back, who was hell bent on joining an ad-agency often used this word in his conversations!
"...influnce my dear, influence!"

Ajesh Kumar said...

The word "attention getting device" is the apt one for Ads. I am a sales guy and as per my experience even in baby's tastes and preferences Ads play a significant role.
But do not fully agree with concept of 'last moment impulse'. Only a minute percentage of people are being affected by their last moment impuse.