Saturday, 7 July, 2007

Kurkure Vs. Kurkure

Kurkure vs. Kurkure

It’s drizzling outside. The perfect mood to sit in a rocking chair, sipping a cup of hot tea…and munching ‘garma-garam’ ‘pakore’??? Naa that seems outdated.It’s time to munch a pack of spicy Kurkure!!

Yes! Time has changed a lot. People these days prefer packaged food than home made stuff. And why not when it’s very much affordable! Of course! 'Afford ability'is one thing which is keeping the packaged food industry buzz these days. Gone are the days of monopolistic ‘Uncle-Chips’. Now a plethora of other snack foods are available over the shelf. Coming in different flavors, shape and sizes they almost lure all of us at least for once!

Well you might be wondering why I’m discussing all these boring stuff. Right!

So here is the twist in the story. I’m interested not just in the ever so delicious taste of 'kurkure' but also in the essentially attractive design of its package! Have you ever wondered what makes 'kurkure' so popular in spite of the presence of so many other odd, yet similarly cloned stuffs? Well the credit goes to its attractive package and not to mention the unforgettable ad-campaign featuring Juhi Chawla.

From the catchword "ho jao kha ke mast!" to " kya family hai!"it's been a well executed ad-campaign. It makes the target audience connect to the product instantly. Its bright sunny orange colored pack showing a bunch of kurkure bursting through the pack is one of the most creative and innovative design ofthe recent times.

In the light of a newly launched clone of Kurkure, called 'Bingo',this discussion bears significance. This new brand has been lunched as a contender for our dearest Kurkure. I don't know the sales stats of 'Bingo'. But I must say one thing that it fails to garner a liking for the product. Even though 'Bingo' has an attractive package design, with bright yellow background and a little 'cartoonish' depiction of the stuff in different combinations, it somehow doesn't appeal to me!

Well it's not that I dislike the taste of it; rather I disliked the 'Bingo' Ad itself. Who does the Ad aim at? What does it convey? In the Ad-world lingo this Ad uses a trick appeal. The Ad keeps the viewer guessing what the product is till the last second. And when finally the revelation is made about the product it's too late. The Ad misses the point and so the appeal too.

Trick Advertising of this kind has always been considered risky. The first sign of a good Advertisement is that it attracts the attention of the audience. On that point 'Bingo' does satisfactorily, unlike the famous Kurkure Ad which grabs the attention of the audience on the very first go. The second thing is to keep the audience interested. There too it does fairly. Add to this the overtly funny unrelated themes it tries to bind with the product. A total miss!!

With newer snacks products being launched every now and then.... let's see what else could contend with 'apna' very own Kurkure.

Till then it's Kurkure vs. Kurkure!!

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