Tuesday, 27 May, 2008

My 'New Year' resolutions: keeping them

Resolutions are always a lot easier to make than to keep. But I am happy to tell you that so far I have been able to act upon and keep the first and the toughest of all resolutions i.e., to be a vegetarian all trough the year.

Vegetarianism has had a positive influence on me so far. It is a proven fact that the kind of food we eat affect our moods and behavior. And let me tell you all that I feel good when on a vegetarian diet. Apart from physical benefits like weight control healthier skin, plant based foods have helped me a lot in keeping my mind cool and at peace. For me it means:
  • Less fat
  • Less spice
  • More fiber
  • Better metabolism
  • Better concentration
  • Less body weight

It is basically like trying one's will power against oneself. I feel great when I am able to accomplish that. Competing against oneself and winning it helps enhance one's self-image. When i compare myself pre and post vegetarianistically.... i feel an overall personal satisfaction.

What's your say? Have you been a vegetarian ever? Share your story and thoughts. I'd be glad to read and respond to them.


Anonymous said...

I am not a vegetarian. But I just want to say that keeping new year's resolution has been hard.

What I really wanted to say is keep walking friend! All the best!

God bless!

grafic7... said...

To the Anonymous :
Yes, indeed it's been hard. but goal setting and working towards it is always satisfying to the self. And not to forget the joy when one accomplishes that. Isn't it!
Thanks a lot for those encouraging words.