Wednesday, 23 July, 2008

Anniversary Thoughts

It's July... and a thought flashed through my mind. It's the first anniversary of my blog!!

I never thought that I could keep this blog for more than six months. But it has survived, for almost an year! That itself is an encouraging sign for me. I feel good when I realize that my creative juices are still flowing despite a dry spell of work less period.

Since last one year I have tried to find similar design blogs and bloggers on this vast blogoshpere. Many helped me learn new things associated with my field. Some designers like David Airey and Douglas Bowman, influenced and inspired me a lot. Others like LaurenMarie of 'Creative Curio', Tara of 'GraphicDesignBlog', Michael Martin of 'Pro Blog Design' and Dustin Brewer are resources that I have found very informative and worth to be subscribed to. I have linked to their blogs under the heading 'Creative Resources'.

One more blog that I often check in my feed reader is that of 'FreelanceSwitch'. It is an essential resource for new and old freelancers. I have found the practical tips and advices to be of great value. I like the writing style of FreelanceSwitch and must congratulate the writers for sharing their "wealth of experience" in freelancing.

Thirty posts, handful yet encouraging comments and loads of inspiration. So what am I going to do next? With my wedding, scheduled to be held on the 25th next month, I have got a bit busy on the personal front. Yet, in the coming months I wish to implement my 2nd resolution for this year i.e., to learn 'how to build dynamic web sites from scratch'. Also, looking forward to find more interesting design projects and to improve my blog further. Wish me luck!

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