Monday, 31 December, 2007

A new year thought...

my new year thought
As I publish this post it would already be a few moments past midnight, the begining of a brand new year. Let not sorrows fill our minds, only joys pure and simple be our diet in the coming year. So let me welcome you all to a very wonderful New Year-2008!!

My New year Resolutions

This year I have decided to keep and follow three major resolutions. I wish and hope the very best to keep all these resolutions from the 2nd of January 2008 till 2nd of January 2009. Making these resolutions public is the first step towards the goal. May be some of you might remind me and help me keep track of these.

  1. To be a vegetarian all through the year: After being a total veggie for almost two and a half years, I went non-vegetarian last year. But I didn't feel the change in diet much good. So, the first resolution for 2008 is to stick to a vegetarian diet strictly.

  2. To learn ActionScript,XML and dynamic web page creation:In 2007 I have had the opportunity to build two static websites so far. Both of them features an image gallery. With my little knowledge in Flash it was really difficult to create them. So I heavily relied on a free software called 'Flash Slide show Maker Professional' to create those galleries. Although the software allows us to customize a lot things, there is no total control over each and every aspect of the SWF, XML and other supportive files. Since creating a dynamic Image gallery requires the use of ActionScript and XML I have decided to lean these two languages as a must.

  3. To look for better freelancing opportunities:To make a living out of freelancing is a very difficult proposition. The past six months were my initial days of freelancing. Now from this year onwards I wish to break out of the comfort zone and look for better freelancing opportunities.

So that were my resolutions for the year 2008. What are yours? Share them in the comment box below.

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