Wednesday, 5 September, 2007

The color-coded spine !

I had been browsing in the library for a favorite book of mine. I knew which section that book of hers belonged to. But there were plenty of shelves to search. I wanted to lay my hands on it before anybody else could. “Would that be possible?” I wondered. And, ah! There it was. The three colored spine book waved at me from between its neighbors. Yes! I had in my hands ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’!!

The idea of a book waving a hand to you might seem a bit odd or magical to you. Right? But the truth is that Book Covers are all meant to do that kind of waving-“Hello…I’m here!!” sort of thing to its potential readers.

I’m really surprised by the way I picked up the book in the library. Well I don’t always go for color-coded spines – it just happened with the potter series.

Now that I have seen, explored and read all the seven books in the series I can safely say that the design strategy adopted by the Bloomsbury was a smart one.

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