Tuesday, 14 August, 2007

Color: What is it?

ALIVE! That’s what best describes the word color. And you won’t deny it either that life would be so boring, dull and ‘life less’ without colors. One of the first things we encounter through our eyes is ‘color’ and it impacts our mind in many ways.

Color is one of the most important elements of design. Lots of people studied it in depth. There are color theories, models, classifications and characteristics. But what would be most important to any body dealing with colors in their work of art is – How best to use them? To know that we must have an idea about things that colors do in a design.

  • Color is a key ingredient that makes design (for matter of fact - all objects) very appealing, attractive and a pleasurable experience.
  • Colors create moods. They generate some kind of feeling in the viewer.
  • Colors make the presentation realistic or ‘alive’.

Theories of course help us a lot to analyze colors in different ways. So here, I try to research info about colors and put forth things which are worthwhile to know so that you can apply them in your work whenever needed.

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