Friday, 27 July, 2007

Design Fundamentals

Design—there are lots of designs. Logo design, Ad-design,Newspaper and magazine deign, Business card design…., etc. Many a time during my studies I’d thought about it.

What exactly is a design? And why do we need it?

In my opinion Design is nothing but a means to communicate an idea or thought in an orderly way. It is basically meant for our eyes to see.Visual communication--in short.

My search for details ended with a Wikipedia article (as usual), though I had learnt them during my graphic design lessons. The article named Design elements and principles” gives a fairly well detailed info about it. According to the Wikipedia article the elements of design “may vary by source but often include (point,space, shape, tone, form, mass, line, texture, pattern, time, light, and color).They are the most basic visual components of any composition.”

There are also some principles of design which as per my experience are not followed as a strict rule of thumb. Yet they form a basis for any designer to work out a good design strategy. As was with the elements, the principles may also vary but they basically include scale, proportion, balance or symmetry, rhythm or movement, emphasis, variety, contrast and unity.

I’d be discussing these principles in my forthcoming posts.

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